I’m a Postdoctoral Scholar working at Tufts University in the group of Prof. Robert Viesca. I received my PhD from the RWTH Aachen University in collaboration with the GFZ Potsdam in 2017.

My research interests lie primarily in the dynamics controlling the deformation of porous reservoir rocks at various scales. Understanding the deformation induced by anthropogenic activities in engineered geological reservoirs is key to improve environmental safety and sustainability of relevant subsurface energy technologies in the context of climate change such as geothermal energy production or geological CO2 storage but also to design innovative engineering techniques to target unconventional geological resources such as supercritical geothermal reservoirs. My multidisciplinary approach combines fundamental theoretical and modeling techniques to describe the multiphysics coupling controlling the deformation of porous rocks in response to anthropogenic forcing conditions at various pressure and temperature conditions as relevant to develop strategies for mitigating induced hazards.

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